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Chemistry is an abstract science in which students find visualization of matter difficult at molecular level. So we use friendly Presentation that makes chemistry more alive and real to the students as we all have mostly audio and visual learners. So the inclusion of these i.e., Audio-Video aid, PPT, videos, some experimentation, and use of ICT helps in understanding the finer detailing of various structures and helps in deeper understanding. Illustrations with analogies are also very helpful to visualize atom and molecules in an interesting manner to keep the brain synapses stronger to retain longer. Though, this process is time consuming but rewarding at the end. Moreover, the teachers take care in selecting analogies which should not be confuse the students.

To inculcate scientific spirit well equipped science laboratories are provided to the students from class III onwards. Students are encouraged to explore science learning and link learning with life though experimentation, hands on activities, exhibitions, interactive sessions and quiz.