A Message
For the Alumni

Our Dear Alumni,
Near twenty five years ago, the seeds of DPS Jhakri were sown into a nascent institution with a handful of students. Our journey together has been of symbiotic growth with lot of success and accomplishments. Thus, it is you the illustrious students of this institution who have propelled the reputation of the school in a positive direction. It is owning to you that we proudly hold a position among the best schools in Himachal. The Tribune awarded us the trophy for best in academics in Himachal in the year 2017-18. We are full of pride to say that dipsites have made their presence felt, be it in the CBSE board results or Admissions into prestigious institutes or placements at all National and International levels. Our alumni�s have brought laurels to the institute at all arenas.

We praise the multiple roles of influence played by you in the society. Your actions and decisions in the present justify the education you have received at this institute.

We welcome your keen interest and support in all our endeavours. We hope the bond between the alumni and Alma matter gets stronger. We welcome you to be a part of DPS Jhakri�s alumni association and urge you to enrich the DPS family with your continued contribution.