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Sports played at
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Sports played at Delhi Public School

Martial Arts

Martial Arts is another highlight of sports at Delhi Public School. Many young boys and girls take classes every year for self defense.

martial Arts


Football fever is high among young students and Delhi Public School has made sure they are provided all facilities to excel in the sports. With a football field in the sports complex and individual kits, our school football is one of the best within area.


Basket Ball

DPS has good facilities in the form of spacious environs booting of a basketball field. A popular sport among Boys & Girls, the DPS Basketball teams keep winning laurels at State & Inter DPS Level.



Yoga is a part of Present Life. We believe Yoga purifies mind and soul. It brings in new energy, a sense of peace, and keeps the body healthy.



Kabaddi is one of the most loved games played for enjoyment, laughter, and happiness. It also teaches teamwork, and tests the strength and presence of mind of a student.



Despite a lot of other sports that can be played in the school premises, Carrom still remains one of the most favorite indoor games for students. The game is easily understandable and challenges every student to perform best in it in front of their peers.



Chess is the game of the intelligent. It is a game that always look easy, but a lot of strategy goes into winning it. Once a student realizes that a player needs to think about a number of steps ahead in the game, it becomes more interesting and difficult to play with masters of the game.



Badminton is one of the most played sports at Delhi Public School. With one Badminton Court in the school premises, it is popular among students.



�Athletics� is given a lot of significance at DPS. The students from the hilly terrain are known to display stamina. The school has earned a lot of laurels for itself in the frequent events at State & National level.